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Sonic Icy by Mhinbron
Sonic Icy
A friend asked me to do a Icy Sonic overlay I think it came out pretty well >.>
WhyteTiger Icon by Mhinbron
WhyteTiger Icon
My buddy asked me to make him a pixel icon so yea. . . This is what I came up with! 
Armorica Part 7 by Mhinbron
Armorica Part 7
Welcome to the Shadow of Recoste series! Follow the adventures of Boryn and his comrades as well as the people that inhabit the world. Delve into the world of Haven and it’s many countries and cultures!

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Joseph Hughes
United States
I'm more of an artist with words than images. I came here to appreciate and enjoy the creations of others and occasionally post my awful images :p Thanks for stopping by!

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Current Residence: Texas (Yee Haw?)
Favourite genre of music: Folk
Operating System: Windows 7 =P
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Wallpaper of choice: A Map
    Losing a loved one is strange.  You first hear hints of it and there's this flurry of action to find proof.  You strive to determine whether these horrific rumors could possibly be true of one you hold dear.  You slowly start to unravel the mystery like some twisted game of clue each moment coming closer and closer to determining that you have in fact lost someone dear.  You however are given that time the time of blankness where “Oh there’s nothing confirmed it could be someone else.”  But then it happens.  It’s proven on that news post you see their face smiling back at you.  Your friend is indeed gone forever and that pit you felt in your stomach sinks all the deeper beyond depths to which you ever imagined.  You feel light your whole world seeming almost surreal as if you yourself are just floating on through it, watching just another TV show but by some sick joke it’s not another Lannister dead on screen. . .  It’s a face that you know, a friend that you’ve loved, that you’ve cared for opened up to and enjoyed memories with.  It’s someone whom you never dreamed would just disappear and be gone for good out of the blue.  Yet here I sit trying to comprehend. . .  Trying to understand. . .  How I should feel?  How I should be.  What in the world am I supposed to do?   What should I do? What’s right in this moment and what is wrong. . .  Just yesterday I lived in a world with you.  A world where I took you for granted knowing you were there if I needed you.  But today. . . Today I know no matter how much I might need you I will never see you again.  No one will hear your laugh, get your stern glare or  see you give that little smirk when something inappropriate occurs but it’s just too funny not to pay heed.  Life’s a journey that always ends the same for us all and you’ve gone on ahead.  I hope that one day we will meet again my friend.

Much Love

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your map isnt ugly :P just needs alittle more detail is all :) its a good start! ^_^
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